PDF: In Search of the Golden Teardrop (Quest for Falkland Islands)

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For millions of years, civilization has caused massive destruction of the wilderness and its wildlife. One place on earth, however, is still untouched—the Falkland Islands. Animals there are not only in abundance, but they also remain fearless and curious about humans, and will come so close as to sometimes untie our shoelaces. What these animals need are photographers who can capture their beauty and soulfulness in photographs, and speak for them to bring about awareness and protection.  

When Tin Man, a regular guy with a regular job, was given a chance to visit the Falklands with his parents for two weeks, what could have been the vacation of a lifetime turned into a disaster, with injuries and other mishaps that threatened their safety and stopped them from getting to where they wanted to be. This could have ruined everything, but instead became an opportunity for growth and innovation.

To create stellar images, Tin Man and his parents would have to battle dangerous terrain, wind and sandstorms, lack of food, sickness, limited timelines, cancelled flights, and huge mistakes in planning. Tin Man dedicated himself to working through these challenges, but there was no guarantee he would be successful.

Will he overcome, or come home empty-handed?

(PDF, 251 pages, 69 photos)

"I finished it in one sitting and couldn't fall asleep after reading it", "Huge respect to your parents", "Falkland didn't appeal to me at first, but now you convinced me to book a trip there", "You kept me at the edge of the seat".

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My goal is to show you how one family could overcome all the adversity to make their Falkland Island trip memorable and successful, and that you will be convinced that Falkland Island is one of the top five wildlife photography spots in the world.