Digital Workflow to Win Photo Contests, Get Published, and Create Popular Social Media & Web Postings by Tin Man Lee

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Package includes 7 hours of high-def videos in 7 chapters, the videos can be viewed via online streaming or download (no DVD), also includes PDFs of class notes 

Do you want to know the best techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop to optimize your wildlife photos before you submit to a contest?

In this video tutorial, I will share with you my experience (as a contest participant and later as a judge) in post-processing I have learned over the years , which enabled me to invoke emotions in viewers and win numerous international awards, including the grand prize of the prestigious Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International (among 25,000 entries from 55 countries), top prize in North America Nature Photographer Association Showcase Contest (NANPA Top 10 and Expressions magazine cover), several highly honored awards in Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice International in bird, polar wildlife and animal antics categories, featured in two covers of Nature's Best Photography magazine and chosen as the 2016 June cover of the Alaska Magazine, among other recognition.


“At first, I thought this video is irrelevant from me because I didn’t plan to enter any photo contests. But the video allows me to look at photos through the eyes of a contest judge, which helps me pick the great photos from the good ones. And it gave me better ways to sharpen and to reduce noise using Nik and adjustment layers. I already have recommended it to people who want to get the most out of post-processing.”

“Not only did I learn great techniques on sharpening and denoising, the part of how to see, and the work with shadow and highlight alone is worth it.”

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Update 9/22/2016:

Thank you all for your support to make this video tutorial so popular. My Digital Workflow Second Edition has been completed on Thursday 9/22/2016. In the new tutorial, I have added lots of new features to bring your image to the next level:

  • 2 Critical Objectives to Always Beware When Editing Photos
  • 7 Deadly Sins in a Wildlife Photo that Are fixable in Lightroom and Photoshop
  • 5 Effective Techniques to Improve Your Composition
  • 8 Secrets To Maximize your RAW File potential In Camera To Help You Win Contest and Get Published
  • 4 Important Social Media and Websites That Can Tremendously Improve Your Photography

I have created 7 Chapters with a total run time of over 3 hours (compared to the original 50 minutes) with more in depth tutorial on Sharpening and Noise Removal. I have also added more examples to demonstrate my workflow. Here is the chapter outline:

Chapter 1: 2 critical objectives in editing, 3 must-go sites to get feedback, my photo journey

Chapter 2: 7 Deadly Sins in a wildlife photo, how to solve two quickly in Lightroom

Chapter 3: Color, shadow details and composition demystified

Chapter 4: Super sharpening

Chapter 5: 3 powerful techniques for noise reduction

Chapter 6: Review and demo

Chapter 7: Custom watermarking and 8 tips to optimize RAW in-camera

Many of the books on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are far too complicated and take too long to read. I believe in the 80-20 rule, where, with a few easy steps, laymen can achieve good image quality and win photo contests. In this video, I will go through my step-by-step process of editing photos, from initial edits all the way through to submitting to photo contests or posting on social media. I will talk about the story behind the photo, why I chose such a composition, the critical mistakes one makes when they submit to photo contests, and how I deal with color, ultimate sharpening, highlight, shadows, and noise removal.

Included in this purchase:

1. Seven high-def 1080p Videos, 3 hours 18 minutes total (streaming and download, no DVD),

2. PDF of the class notes including links,

3. PDF of 5 Elements of Wildlife Photography


I have seen many great photos from photographers which have great potential to win contest and move people if only they know a few tricks in Adobe Lightroom and photoshop to unleash the power hidden in their RAW photo files. My goal is that after this tutorial, you can edit your photo from start to finish within 15 minutes and the image will be ready for photo contest.

About the author:

Tin Man Lee strongly believes that emotional wildlife photos can be taken ethically. He was the Grand Prize recipient of the prestigious Nature's Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International contest, 2013, winner of the NANPA Top 10 and NANPA Expressions magazine cover, several highly honored awards in Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice International in bird, polar wildlife, and animal antics categories. His photos were featured in the covers of the 2014 and 2015 Nature's Best Photography magazine and chosen as the 2016 June cover of the Alaska magazine, among other recognition.  

He is currently a judge for Nature's Best Photography Asia and Viewbug. His works have been displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. In 2015-2016, he had an invited solo exhibit at HKUST, Hong Kong for five months which displayed 48 of his photos in large format prints.

His invited tutorials in wildlife photography have appeared in Outdoor Photographer Magazine and, and his photos have been published in Nature's Best Photography magazine, Smithsonian Exhibit Calendar, Alaska magazine, Alaska calendar, and NANPA Expressions. He has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering specializing in image deblurring and noise removal with application to medical imaging. He was originally from Hong Kong and have been in the US for 20 years. Currently he resides in Agoura Hills, CA, USA.

His contact info is and his website is at