Burrowing Owl in Purple 1

$ 100.00

I love to dream. And I always want to convey a dreamy feeling to my photos by searching for the purple color in the wilderness. In order to capture the dramatic purple sky transitioning to blue, I had to crouch down to get to a viewpoint lower than the burrowing owlet. At that moment, the owlet turned her head and looked far beyond, as if feeling uncertain about her future too. And this completes my quest for the purple series of polar bear, snowy owl, and burrowing owl.

Burrowing owl is protected in California. The owl is wild and not baited. 

Canon 1DX, Canon 600mm f/4 II, f/6.3, 1/250s, ISO 2500, RRS tripod

Option 1: 12 by 18 Fine Art Print (Open Edition), signed,
                US $147 + shipping/handling ($10),
                expected to ship in 1 week

Option 2: 16 by 24 ChromaLuxe Metal Print (Edition of 25), signed, edition numbered, 
                US $397 + shipping/handling ($40),
                expected to ship in 3 week

Option 3: 24 by 36 ChromaLuxe Metal Print (Edition of 10), signed, edition numbered,
                Certificate of authenticity,
                US $1,197 + shipping/handling ($40),
                expected to ship in 3 weeks

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